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The long-term strategic goal of SMZ, a.s. Jelšava is to become one of the world’s leading producers of magnesite based products, to dedicate permanent attention to the requirements of the customers and to be their reliable business partner.

When carrying out its activities, the management of the company takes into account their responsibility for the quality, environmental impact and hygienic safety of the products, and therefore cares about the implementation and observing the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and GMP+ B2, which form an integrated management system (IMS). IMS Policy declares systematic attention dedicated to quality, environmental and product safety..

ISO 9001 : 2015

As a prerequisite of a long term existence, we put the customer’s satisfaction in first place and therefore we take due care of the fabrication process and provision of quality products which are complemented by technical solutions and servicing.

The quality assurance system was introduced in 1994 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Certificate.
This certificate proves the conformance of our quality assurance system with the ISO 9001 standard.

ISO 14001 : 2015

By means of systematic activity in the area of environmental protection, and because of strict conformance to the valid environmental regulations as well as due to the vision of further positive activities in this area, in 2012 the company was awarded this certificate confirming the conformance of magnesite clinkers production with the demanding environmental standard ISO 14001. SMZ, a.s. Jelšava considers the award of this certificate as a mark of high regard for its good work in the field of environmental protection, however it is also viewed as a commitment to ongoing improvement.

ISO 50001 : 2011

In 2018, the company's management adopted a decision on the certification of the management system, the so-called Energy Management System (hereinafter "EnMS") in accordance with ISO 50001:2018. EnMS is a system focused on energy management and the possibilities of their savings or stabilization.


GMP+ B2 (2010) standard is one of the most demanding, defining strict requirements especially in the elimination of physical, chemical and biological risks of product contamination. The system encompasses the complete production chain, from mining up to dispatching and transportation of the product. The certification process was finished successfully in May 2013



Magnesite works in Jelšava is the greatest mining and manufacturing magnesite plant in Slovakia. Nowadays, it is a property of joint-stock company and it has gone through over 100 years old history. During the time of its existence the company went through different kinds of transformation process. After breaking-up of the state concern SMZ Košice, on 1.1.1993 there was established the state concern SMZ Jelšava. On 16.2.1994 the plant was registered in the Commercial Register as a joint-stock company.


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