Values and Principles of the Company

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The Mission of the Company SMZ, a. s. Jelšava

    The corporate philosophy of the company is based on many years of tradition in exploitation of Slovak raw material resources in magnesite mining and processing at the Dúbravský masív deposit.

    Our mission is to effectively make use of the valuable raw material resources of Slovakia located at the Dúbravský masív deposit in such a way that the further long-term and sustainable development of the company is guaranteed and that SMZ, a.s. Jelšava will be a strong company from an economic and technological point of view with a firm position on the sales markets.

    We take care about our customers so that we are perceived as being a reliable business partner, starting from checking order specifications up to servicing activities related to using our products.

    We understand that our employees form an important part in the development of our company and therefore we create conditions enabling the permanent improvement of their working conditions and work-related development.

    A high level of engagement concerning environmental protection, workplace conditions and health and safety issues is considered to be a valuable tool in our business.

    We consider novel approaches to be an inevitable tool of the long-term functioning of our company, which contributes to the improvement of effectiveness and competitiveness. This is the focus of our research and development complemented by other activities aimed at gaining better knowledge of our technology processes and our customers' needs.

    We consider timely fulfilment of our obligations with respect to our employees, customers, public authorities, local government and other institutions to be an expression of credibility, ethical standards and social responsibility of our way of doing business.

    As we are performing our activities in a region with a high unemployment rate, we also participate in providing several forms of support for the development of municipalities, culture, civic associations, organisations and sports, thus making a contribution to the stability of our region.




STABILITY - long-term reliable service for the customer.
MOTIVATION - to be a reliable partner for our customers.
RESPONSIBILITY - in our attitude to contract fulfilment, customer, region, and company employees.
UNIQUENESS - unique solution for every customer.
EFFECTIVENESS - in utilizing machines, equipment, employees, and technology in order to fulfil the contract for the customer.
- responsible attitude towards the customers and the employees.
LOYALTY - for the environment.
RESPECT - novel products and services, technology procedures in accordance with the results of recent research.
NOVELTY - continuing education creates conditions for the growth of the company and its employees.
ACTIVITY - market analysis and possibilities, on-time delivery with the appropriate quality.



Magnesite works in Jelšava is the greatest mining and manufacturing magnesite plant in Slovakia. Nowadays, it is a property of joint-stock company and it has gone through over 100 years old history. During the time of its existence the company went through different kinds of transformation process. After breaking-up of the state concern SMZ Košice, on 1.1.1993 there was established the state concern SMZ Jelšava. On 16.2.1994 the plant was registered in the Commercial Register as a joint-stock company.


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