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Focus of SMZ, a. s. Jelšava commercial policy

• Focus the commercial activities to increase especially the volume of sales of alkaline monolithic refractory materials, dead burned magnesite, slag forming mixtures and caustic magnesite.
• By means of active cooperation between the customers, marketing, commercial and technical servicing to provide development, operational verification and introduction of new refractory products for steel making equipment.
• Focus on acquiring new customers and expanding the range of supplied products with the goal of maintaining the market position of the company and creating suitable conditions for long-term demand stabilisation.
• Promote the company by participation at dedicated trade fairs and conferences and create conditions enabling further development of cooperation with steel making companies and sales companies.
• Besides refractory products, focus commercial activities on the area of products sales for the foundry industry, chemical industry, in the field of construction and agriculture.
• To provide complex services for refractory material users, including the supply of installation devices and servicing.
• Increase the volume of sales of the new products – slag forming mixtures and caustic magnesite.
• Provide for permanent improvements in the quality of product packaging to conform to the customers’ requirements.
• To look for further novel areas of magnesite application in cooperation with research institutions.


The products of SMZ, a.s. Jelšava are supplied to the following countries:

95 % of the company’s products were exported, whereas our most important markets are in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia.



SMZ a.s., Jelšava is one of the top producers of magnesite refractory products with a production share of 5,9 % on the world market. Company´s business activities are focused on the sale of dead burnt magnesia, basic monolithic refractory mixes and caustic magnesite.

Products are delivered in to 34 countries of 4 continents and export comprises 88 % of total sale. The biggest customers are Ukraine (52%), Germany (14%), Czech republic (6%) and Austria (5%). Domestic market represents 12 % of these products.

Final products´ sale is about 365 thousands tons each year. The most significant sale increse per year (growth index 1,25) has been achieved with monolithics, which, besides dead burnt magnesia, are becoming a principal sale article of the company.

SMZ a.s., Jelšava in connection with monolithic sale increase to steel making industry provides to its customers a full service, application machine delivery and service altogether with cost guarantee per production unit.





Magnesite works in Jelšava is the greatest mining and manufacturing magnesite plant in Slovakia. Nowadays, it is a property of joint-stock company and it has gone through over 100 years old history. During the time of its existence the company went through different kinds of transformation process. After breaking-up of the state concern SMZ Košice, on 1.1.1993 there was established the state concern SMZ Jelšava. On 16.2.1994 the plant was registered in the Commercial Register as a joint-stock company.


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